A double dry hopped DIPA featuring aggressive amounts of Galaxy, Nelson, and Citra. This one is just plain rude. And, if you’re paying attention to those biceps then you should be thinking one thing: Straight. JUICE.

From the slums of Shaolin he strikes again. The hell raiser, raisin’ hell with the flavor. Citra, Strata, and Chinook form like Voltron to impart a mellow dankness that smacks of tropical fruit, melon, and cotton candy. Look out for the hops…Cask Rules Everything Around Me.

Father Frank is an experimental series limited only by our imagination. We intend to use this series as a playground for new ingredients, ideas, and ideology. You can expect us to tinker, tweak, and toy around with recipes both old and new and all styles are fair game.

Saisondré is a savagely scrumptious crossbreed of NEIPA and Saison. Featuring familiar farmhouse flavors and new school hop schedules this is sure to excite and impress your taste buds.

Whether she’s serving up sweet treats, making your Halloween costumes by hand, or cleaning up after you there’s no doubt that Ma Dukes has superhuman abilities. Her strength is a blessing from the Gods of Fermentia and at 10% there’s no doubt that she’s incredibly strong. There’s no denying her beauty, wisdom, and sweetness. Ma packs a punch with Guatemala La Alma coffee from Littletown Coffee and displays notes of chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon and dried fig as well as very faint hints of tobacco and cedar. Everyone loves Ma but, make sure to call her up and say “you are appreciated”.

There will always be rocks in the road ahead of us. They will be stumbling blocks or stepping stones; it all depends on how you use them.

Dankness rises from the can
The midnight hour is close at hand
Hopheads crawl in search of suds
To spring upon your beer share clubs
And whosoever shall be found
Without the strength to drink it down
Must stand and face the Swearwolf’s yell
The howling from the hounds of hell
With taste that brings grown men to tears
Annihilating other beers
While ghastly grains from every farm
Are closing in to cause you harm
And though your palate stays intact
These hops and grains will interact
With water and a bit of yeast
The Swearwolf is a mighty beast
He lurks about in mire and muck
And curses howling
“What the F@@@@@@@@@@@@@@CK?!!!!!!!”